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It is within its very site that the Cave de Mazenay produces a wide variety of Burgundy wines. We are committed to high-quality production in the respect of the Burgundy traditions, of its soil and its men. We value our wines in accordance with the specific characteristics of every single appellation with an in-house oenological approach that allows us to ensure a constant high standard and quality throughout its life. Thanks to its savoir-faire in winemaking, barrel ageing, filtration and bottling, the Cave de Mazenay masterminded all the manufacturing processes. Thanks to our tasting-and-sales service, you can enjoy a pleasant discovery of our wines and get advice from our team.

Supplied Services

The Cave de Mazenay assists winegrowers in the elaboration of their wines. In proximity, the Cellar is responsible of organizing the transport of the grapes, preparing the vintages and also of providing you with advice.

The filtration service, operated by the cellarmaster, prepares your batches for bottling according to your needs: Kieselghur pre-filtration, filtration on plate, standard or cellulose-based filtration. This important step of the process can be done on-site or home-based with our mobile processing unit.

The bottling and packaging department, administered by our experienced team, operates with a capacity group of 3000 bottles per hour, providing a great flexibility and timeliness of execution. We do everything necessary to fulfil the requirements of each winegrower.

Our objective is to provide you with our technological and human resources to assist you in finding the best solution.

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Sale to Business Professionals

For 60 years, the Cave de Mazenay has forged itself a strong reputation and established privileged bonds with people and professions who defend the same values. Find our wines in gourmet restaurants, historical places or specialized shops in France and abroad.

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Oenological Services

Since 2017, the Winery has opened a fully equipped oenological laboratory on its premises. This innovation project has become one of the centerpiece for the Winery, which is constantly in search of improving its quality standards.

Today, the Cave de Mazenay benefits from all those assets to provide the best wine monitoring and analysis. Needless to say that its laboratory is supervised by a qualified oenologist who has gained respect and solid experience around Burgundy.

We providing the service of oenological consulting and analysis to winegrowers in our region. Visit of the property, test and tasting session, our oenologist will guide each winegrower who wishes a quality service.

For the wines of the Cellar, we ensure a constant quality to satisfy all our customers.

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