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How to promote the wines of the AOC Côtes du Couchois if we were not able to offer you a very nice bottle at a small price? Trust us and have the pleasure of discovering and making people discover a rising appellation... Choose:

Côtes du Couchois Clin d’œil 2015

Côte du Couchois - Clin d'Oeil

This is a wine made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes, grown in Côtes du Couchois. The 55 ares parcel from which the grapes are harvested is located on the south-west face of a clay-limestone hillside.

Harmonious nose of the red fruits with a hint of vanilla and spice for a wine of strong impact, with supple and ripe tannins long lasting taste, very good to enjoy with red meat...

An opulent wine offering aromas and flavors of red berries for a slightly woody and well-balanced whole. It is matured 100% in barrels, 30% of which are new, giving it an exceptional ageing capacity (+10 years). The Clin d'œil cuvée is the perfect companion to beef, lamb roasting, it goes well with meats of strong flavor or a spicy dish requiring a wine that stands up.

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Discovering a wine or the typicity of its soil is probably one of the greatest pleasures offered to us, whether we having dinner or being with friends. The problem is that sometimes this pleasure can become financially inaccessible, especially on Grands Crus... which is a shame !

Cave de Mazenay therefore want to provide you with accessible wines for any circonstances, without taking anything away from your pleasure and above all while respecting a high level of quality... now you can enjoy:

Bourgogne Chardonnay 2015

Bourgogne Chardonnay 2015

Produced from several parcels located in the communes of St Sernin du Plain, between Maranges and Santenay. This chardonnay is the king grape variety of Burgundy where it finds in our soils all the right nutrients necessary for its aromatic quintessence. Its bright and mineral nose with delicate hints of pear and honey gives expression to a beautiful and long vanilla taste, tinged with grapefruit on the finish. A fresh wine that is delicately rounded by maturing in oak barrels, allowing a sweet and honeyed finish.

Ideal to accompany fish with cream or blue cheese and will magnify a chicken vol-au-vent... to be enjoyed without delay or to be kept for up to 5 years for the most purists among us.

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Make place for BIO, back to the roots, to the traditional appellations and wines with friends, to the special wines such as a quality red wine to be served with summer grills or Crémant de Bourgogne for Christmas... The current trend is for wine what fashion is for rags and for the moment, fashion is:

Volnay 2016

Volnay - 2016

So much sweetness in this red wine elaborated from Pinot Noir grape variety... This is a town appellation from the Côte de Beaune. Wine made from vines rooted to the mountain between Pommard and Meursault, on the gentle south-eastern slopes; it enjoys a mild sunshine all year round.

A Ruby-coloured wine with pink berry and raspberry flavours. Young, it has a slight tendency to express blackberry and violet aromas. This is another perfect wine to enjoy with braised vegetables and feathered wild animals, simply roasted, or stewed. In its youth, it will perfectly complement your grilled meats cooked over a wood fire.

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Burgundy is also and above all about Grand Crus, bottled excellence and the designation of climates as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so from time to time, why not have a little something crazy, to do or to have a great emotional moment?

Cave de Mazenay has some wonderful appellations whose reputation is no longer to be proven and is a historical part in the sale of the Hospices de Beaune: this allows you to access exceptional wines as far as you agree to break up the moneybox, but the rewards are certainly well worth the price.... undeniably. At this time, discover:

Bouteille de vin "Hospices de Beaune" de 2014

Pommard - Hospices de Beaune

How can we talk about Burgundy without talking about the Hospices de Beaune, without talking about the history that links us to this land that UNESCO has just inscribed on the World Heritage List? Centuries of work and know-how acquired to date to restore so much pleasure in a simple bottle.

The Pommard wines are produced from ferruginous clay-limestone soils which produce robust, tannic wines with complex aromas reminiscent of blackcurrant, plum, pepper and leather (after a few years). With a very good aptitude for ageing, this very firm wine is undoubtedly one of the greatest vintages.

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